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"Doodles the Dodo" is a delightful, 38-page children's book with a story that is loosely based on fact. It is the story of "Doodles", the last Dodo that lived on earth. His grand adventure travelling far from his beautiful island home and meeting new friends has captured the imagination of many young readers.

In fact, the last real Dodo (pronounced "doe doe") to live on the face of planet Earth died in 1681 only 92 years after Dodos were first discovered on the tropical island of Mauritius (pronounced "Mor-ree-shus")by European sea-faring adventurers, merchants, and pirates. The Dodo bird was related to the pigeon family. It weighed about fifty pounds and its body shape and facial features were similar to the way that Doodles is depicted, except that Dodos actually had downy grey body feathers and fluffy-white wing and tail feathers.

Dodos have been fancifully portrayed in stories and books throughout the years, most famously in "Alice in Wonderland". Many people are surprised to learn that Dodos are not mythical creatures, but actually lived on earth at one time. Unfortunately they are extinct today!

In this beautifully illustrated hard-cover storybook "Doodles the Dodo", the young reader learns about a variety of topics, including geography, history, and zoology along with a strong message about the importance of ecology and preserving the amazing creatures of this planet along with their habitats.

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Here are some scenes from "Doodles the Dodo":

But Doodles longed for a grand adventure, and so he voyaged across the sea with his new friend Lady Lulu to have tea with the Queen of England!

What an incredible adventure Doodles had in the royal world of old England!

Doodles made so many wonderful new friends!

When Doodles learned about the tragedy that befell his family and friends back home in Mauritius because of marauding pirates, Doodles' new friends rallied around him in a joyous surprise ending!

Author/Illustrator/Publisher Wendy Wyman Campbell pictured here with "Freddie", the South American Tree Bird, at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Berkeley, California, where she was a volunteer for several months. Freddie was quite the little character! He seemed to be related to the dodo a bit, but in actuality, dodos were relatives of the pigeon family.

Events where Wendy Wyman Campbell has read her book:

April 22, 2006 at 4:40 the Palm Springs Book Festival, 538 N. Palm Canyon Drive, at Alejo Street, Palm Springs, CA. For more info:

April 8, 2006 at the California Desert Nature Festival at the University of California San Bernadino at the campus located in Palm Desert, CA

March 23, 2006 at the La Quinta Library at 2:30 pm, 78275 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 760-564-4767

March 22, 2006 at the Cathedral City Library at 6 pm in the Story Room, 33520 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City, CA 760-328-4262


Author / Illustrator Wendy Campbell
e-mail her at:

Photo Credit: Kathy Correa Lansing

Ms. Lansing, a teacher, incorporated "Doodles the Dodo" into her curriculum, to her students' delight. The following is a book review written by 7-year-old Olyvia O'Brien, who is a second grade student of Ms. Lansing's at the Cold Water Elementary School in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She also included some information she discovered after researching the topic of dodos via the internet on the computer.

Dodo Facts - And A Story
by Olyvia O'Brien (a 7 year old student)
March 28, 2006

Dodo birds are extinct now. They could not fly. They were very friendly birds. The dodos did not have any enemies until the humans came. Dodos were very cute and plump birds. Now dodos are lost to the world. The dodo was related to the pigeon. The dodo birds built their nests on the ground. In the summer of 1661, the last dodo was found. Dodos ate fish and plump fruit. Dodos weighed about 50 pounds. When the sailors came, Doodles left and got on the ship with Lady Lulu. Then they got to the faraway land called England. So Lady Lulu and Doodles stayed in the faraway land. And the sailors went back to the island. While they stayed on the island, all the sailors killed all the dodos because they thought they were some kind of turkey. So that's how the dodo got extinct!

Letter of appreciation from the Library Media Specialist at Cold Spring Elementary School in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

May 12, 2006

Dear Ms. Campbell,

Please accept my deepest gratitude in the donation of your lovely book, "Doodles the Dodo" to our school library. I know this book will be enjoyed by all of our kids at Cold Spring Elementary School. I have had the pleasure of reading this book to all of my classes grades 1 - 5 at our school.

Many clapped at the conclusion of the story as Doodles was recognized as the last living Dodo bird. Many were amazed at the beautiful artwork included in your book. The students were also excited to know that the author donated this book to our school. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your books in the market in the future.


Ms. Kellie Freitas
Library Media Specialist


*April 11, 2006: "Doodles the Dodo" was featured prominently on the front page of the "LOCAL", Section B of the Press-Enterprise, in an article accented with a large color photo of author/illustrator Wendy Campbell with some of her original watercolor artwork for the illustrations of the book.

The in-depth article entitled "Doodles' Dawn: La Quinta author/illustrator's dream finally gets life" explains how the book became a reality and how Wendy Campbell was chosen to be one of 14 children's books authors to present her book at the Palm Springs Book Festival on April 22, 2006. She was invited to participate after Carol Lloyd, the librarian at the Rancho Mirage Public Library at that time, had looked over Campbell's book "Doodles the Dodo" and was impressed. As Lloyd explained, "Children's literature matters."

*The article was written by reporter Sandra Baltazar Martinez and published in the April 11, 2006 edition of the Press-Enterprise, a Riverside, California-based newspaper.

*March 17, 2006: In an article entitled "A Kingston Friendship", tells the story of the lifetime friendship of elementary school teacher Kathy Correa Lansing and children's storybook author/illustrator Wendy Campbell. They met in the third grade and have been close friends ever since. Lansing incorporated "Doodles the Dodo" into her second-graders' curriculum, to the enthusiastic reception of her students, and the school librarian. See above for a book report by one of her students Olyvia O'Brien.

*The article was written by reporter Linda Bilger and published in the March 17, 2006 edition of the Kingston Mariner, a Kingston, Massachusetts-based newspaper.

Hannah reads "Doodles the Dodo" on a long car-ride.
It was a gift given to her by her Great Uncle Gerry.

Photo Credit: Gerry Whitmann


Some photos from past readings:


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Lyrics for
"Doodles the Dodo"

By Wendy Wyman Campbell, ©2007

Doodles the Dodo was a very friendly bird
He loved to make new friends and travel the world.

He was the last living dodo on this earth
Because people didn't know any better
And they really didn't know the dodos' worth.

Now we'll always miss the dodos
Who didn't leave much of a trace
Only just a few bones but no photos
Now we know the world's a fragile place.

It's up to us to protect our friends
Including all the animals of the world
We can help the world to mend,
Our animal friends, we must defend!

Music by Doug Jackson ©2007 e-mail:

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